Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Age is just a number

... or so we have been told.

However, much as I would like to believe it's just a number, and I feel young at heart, I can feel the effects of my age catching up with me!!

I am quite sure I am not imagining it but:
* I am a little deaf now. Sometimes I find that I really have to concentrate to hear. Must be the result of all that shouting at the kids!

* I can feel my bones aching more often. It isnt exercise induced I am quite sure. I can just pull a muscle for no reason at all or a bad sleeping position.

* I feel tired all the time! Ok maybe not all the time, but a lot more than previously!

* My eyesight has really deteriorated. I even have difficulty reading with my progressive glasses!! OK, new spectacles may be required sooner than I think, but I just changed them in September last year!! Also I find that it is really a strain for me to drive at night. Come to think of it, early in the morning as well.

* Insomnia has crept in. I wake really early, never mind the time I go to bed.

So is age just a number and irrelevant?

No! especially if you are a bottle of wine!!


iml said...

Age is Just a number to remind us it's time for maintanence. Time to pamper that body which has been with us through thick and thin.

bp said...

haha! think was Mark Twain who said age is a matter of the mind, so if we don't mind, it doesn't matter ;p

u know, i don't have good ears either, n have always preferred subtitles to go along with movies... maybe it's also from shouting kids, not just me the screaming mom, eeks!

NomadicMom said...

I hear you, sista!!!